Semester Manager??

Global education model is changing very fastly. We are aligned with the future of distance learning. In the near future, all course materials will be available online to make our life easy. All homeworks, exams, quizzes, attendance will happen through wires.

Semester Manager solves all of the above problems; with separate student and teacher panels. Share course materials in the form of PDFs, PPT, plain text, videos, pictures and tables. Interestignly, catch cheating students!

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Awesome Features

Semester manager increases your capacity to learn and manage course materials.

Scholarship Facility

Benefit from the possibiliies of university scholarship.

Sell Courses Online

Benefit from the synbiosis by bringing your teaching abilities.

Global Certification

Get courses from around the world with unique experience.

Listen our Students

What others say about you is more important that you say about yourself.